It takes time and experience to make a home buying experience a pleasant one. It can become a hard and confusing experience for customers; however, with my experience and knowledge, I can make this event, a very exciting and memorable experience for each and every client that decides to choose me as a realtor. I have experience with mortgage and loan for several years, since I have worked in the field for years now, and with having the knowledge of both housing and the financial aspects of it, I can make it a joyous occasion. It does not take long for me to listen to my clients and recognize what type of environment and housing they are looking for. As a result I have learned that having a close and trusting relationship with my clients puts both parties at ease and comfort. Therefore I have made my relationship with my clients very close and memorable. However, these relationships are not made only with my clients but they are made with my brokers, loan officers, other real estate agents, lenders, title companies, appraisals, and other professionals involved in order to make the real estate process run smoothly.

All of the above aspects work hand in hand with one another to make the process run easier and smoothly for my clients. If you decide that the above characteristics are something that you are looking for in a real estate agent, then give me a call at

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As a loan agent through our in house lending, I am able to give my clients the best possible loan at the best rates whether they are making a purchase or refinancing. I try to help my clients with my knowledge and background. Understanding my clients and recognizing their needs are one of my strong points. being able to recognize their background, I can help them with the best loan available in the market that suits their current financial status.

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Mona (Mojdeh) Refahi.

Making your dream home come true and serving you as a real-estate specialist or loan consultant is truly my pleasure.